According to the Ministry of recruitment procedure for the school year 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 to three years LO technicians and four-year trade school degree graduates of junior high schools will be carried out under the existing rules laid down in the Regulation of the Minister of National Education on the conduct of the recruitment procedure and supplementary proceedings candidates are graduates of the former gymnasium.

According to Ministry spokeswoman Joanna Dębek-in, in this regard the Ministry admits to error. Christmas is permanently written in Polish culture, which is why his name was credited to the manual. Protest for the holidays is the Institute for Culture Right. It was he who organized an online petition in this case, under which Saturday signed nearly 50,000 people. Alexander Stępkowski enjoys the change in the decision-MEN. Points out, however, that this is really a minor victory that can not divert attention from the fact that people power is increasingly cut off from public opinion. Even for 5 days Ministry of Education is waiting for attention to the second part of a free manual.

They can be addressed to Programming Catechesis at the Polish Episcopate is pleased that the Ministry has restored the name of Christmas in a free manual for first class. To this day, in "Christmas e shopping" was mentioned about Christmas, but scrupulously ignored their identity. It is not a religious indoctrination – IAR says Dr. Aneta Rayzacher-Majewska Programming Office of Catechesis. It recalls that our national culture derives from Christianity, among others. No word Christmas is a desire to look to the communities in the West, which has long been talking about the holidays of winter and spring, without information on where they come from – adds interlocutor IAR.Zdaniem Aneta Rayzacher-Majewska, success is half-hearted parents.

In the revised version of the manual is still talking about Christmas in a veiled way. As an example interlocutor gives IAR question: "Are we all celebrate Christmas with Christmas?" – This question conclusive. It is known that young children answer "yes" or "no" – he argues. There is also no detailed information about Christmas. The Sejm has to be addressed on Thursday the government draft amendments to the Law on the Education System and the Law – Law education. The amendment has yet to be adopted on the same day, then hit the agenda of the Senate.

A draft amendment stipulates that in schools where teaching council not to take a decision on the admission of students to the high school, such a right will be entitled to the Director of the school, and in special cases – body conducting. Read more Sejm: Changes in educational law. But not only … A hot day on Rural – We are to reject this bill, because it is not no way to solve the conflict. This is something that does not fit in my head in a state of law, democracy. You can not solve social conflicts, by adopting a law which violates not only the principle of common sense, but actually such order in the school – PAP said Neumann. – It can not be that maturami problem, the problem of classification of students is solved legally – he added. According to him, the draft amendment is an attempt to "crowbar to break the system" of education.

The head of the club PO-KO also confirmed that Civic Platform will not participate in Friday's meeting of the round table on education. / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); js .id = id; js.src = "" vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, "script", "VT-SDK") ); / ** / Head of Chancellery Michael Dworczyk spoke at a briefing in parliament on Thursday, April 16 that the Neumann received "confirmation that Civic Platform will participate in the roundtable." The head of the club PO-KO explained in an interview with PAP that platform, "proposed to conduct a real debate on education." – What tomorrow (will be) in the stadium, it is rather a circus and should be in the circus tent, because they talk and then only among themselves about changes in education will be people who led by 3.5 years to collapse, chaos and clutter in education, the Minister Zalewska, the government and perhaps you Proksa "Solidarity" plus buses driven on PiS voters – said Neumann. Read more Roundtable education. The Board decided SLD. "We look with disgust how the head of the PNA is spit" The newspaper reported that the Ministry of Education estimates that a trainee in 2018. Earned an average of 2087 zł on hand, contract teacher in 2309 zł, appointed in 2976 zł, and qualified – 3784 zł. "Rzeczpospolita" asked about the wages of the teachers themselves; based on the questionnaire set out in the social media has determined how many are transfers. Within hours, a questionnaire was filled more than 3 thousand. people. Examples from the survey: intern in Opole earns 1670 zł (no part-time) and to 150 zł due to additives. Contract in a primary school in the district receives grojeckim 1900 zł.

The school also gives him 100 zł gross for education. In Gdansk without additives teacher earns 1880 zł. At slightly higher salaries can count appointed teachers. In Radom 2034 zł, in Warsaw in 2400 zł, and in Żychlin (province. Lodz) – 2504.94 zł. Certified preschool teacher in Siemianowice Slaskie has zł 2700, in Krakow in 2400 zł, and in Gniezno – 3000 zł. Read more President of the PNA earns 12 thousand per month. zł. "This is the gross amount.

Do not steal that money" "Rzeczpospolita" reports that education budgets rescue workers overtime. A spokeswoman for the Polish Teachers' Union Magdalena Kaszulanis says that overtime is because schools lack teachers. Some work several jobs. The newspaper stresses that more and more governments, in response to problems with finding employees, increase expenditures on an incentive for teachers. "Rzeczpospolita" informs that they are noticeably higher in Warsaw and Poznan, approx. 500-600 zł. However, their grant is the responsibility of school principals.

They can not even pay their (common in private schools) or symbolically, for example. Once a year 150 zł. On Thursday in Warsaw talks were held between the management of the Ministry of Education with representatives of trade unions in education – first with representatives of the National Section of Education "Solidarity", and then with representatives of: the Polish Teachers' Union, OPZZ and Forum of Trade Unions. Ministry of Education reported that trade unionists presented several proposals. According to the PNA, FZZ and Solidarity Minister did not present any new proposals ws.

Increases. PNA president Slawomir Broniarz announced the start of the procedure leading to the initiation of a collective labor dispute and the planned strike. According to the findings, which were made on Thursday, unions have until Wednesday to respond to the proposals of Education, another meeting with union members is scheduled for Jan. 22. Read more Solidarity: Ministry gave no clear answer ws.

Increases for teachers One of the elements that we will certainly want to do in the near future, this is the fulfillment of the agreements that we have concluded before the outbreak of the strike (teachers) – said on Thursday RMF FM Education Minister Dariusz Piontkovsky. In the course of negotiations with the teachers' unions in the Social Partnership Center "Dialog" government offered nearly 15 percent. increases in 2019. Teachers (9.6 per cent. increase in September, plus the already paid pięcioprocentowa increase since January), shortening the length, determine the amount of the allowance for education at the level of not less than 300 zł, a change in the system of evaluation of teachers and reducing bureaucracy. The government signed the agreement on this issue with the National Section of Education "Solidarity". Forum of Trade Unions and the Association of Polish Teachers rejected the government proposal. Read more about payments to teachers for the strike: They may end up responsible for a violation of financial discipline in mid-May Piontkowskiego predecessor as Minister of Education Anna Zalewska announced that the amended bill card teacher who implements the agreement concluded with Solidarity, is ready . As she spoke, all indications are that it will be filed in Parliament as a parliamentary project.

Ordinary legislative path requires a lot of time. Deadline for adoption of the Law determines the date of issue of the regulation on minimum wages of teachers, and this Regulation should be signed at the end of July, so that local governments could get increased funds for increases for teachers and adopt new remuneration regulations so that the increases were paid in September. We basically just a month and a half – then Zalewska said. According to the Ministry of recruitment procedure for the school year 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 to three years LO technicians and four-year trade school degree graduates of junior high schools will be carried out under the existing rules laid down in the Regulation of the Minister of National Education on the conduct of the recruitment procedure and supplementary proceedings candidates are graduates of the former gymnasium. But it retained the existing solutions on how to convert the points of individual criteria in the recruitment procedure for secondary schools or the principle that the total points possible to obtain the results of secondary school exam is equal to the total points available for the evaluation of the compulsory teaching and for student achievement, listed on the gimnazjum.W leaving certificate with respect to the previously terminated in force regulating this issue – increased the maximum number of points for special achievements (knowledge competitions, artistic and sports) with 13 points to 18 points. At the same time the new regulation also specified that the student may receive credit for only one achievement, the highest point value with the same knowledge competitions, artistic and sports at the same level and the same range.

In addition, the regulation was changed: the number of points possible to achieve for a very good and the good of the classes listed on the certificate of graduation, the number of points attainable for activity on behalf of other people including voluntary (increased number of points – 2 points to 3 points) and the number of points possible to obtain the certificate of completion of high school with honors (increased number of points – with 5 points to 7 points). The rules for awarding points / Read more Ministry of Education extends the elementary school and junior high liquidates. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW Anna Witenberg: Is the reform of vocational education include false start? Anna Zalewska: No, everything was planned and staged. When I was minister of education, we had crisis management in vocational education. Fragmentation of qualifications in professions and faulty examination system meant that training institutions in the competition too much time devoted to the conduct of examinations and their offer did not correspond to the needs of the labor market. Let me give an example: examination tasks in each examination session was so little that it was difficult to talk about ensuring the secrecy of professional examinations.

From this it was necessary to begin. Also important was the change in attitude. During the meetings with young people resounded the first – the parents decide which school their children will go, and secondly – the parents are averse to school zawodowej.Więc changed your name but under a new name has been samo.Nie agree. By changing the name, we wanted to show that the school must be linked to the industry. From the beginning we knew that if the director will not have a signed contract with a representative of the industry, employer, do not let him open class.

Or will only have core funding. Since the beginning of the reform in the course of 12 business meetings we have met with nearly a thousand employers representing different industries so as to prepare them with the rules. The effect will show in late May – prekonsultacji to pass the bill. We want the fall was proceeded in the Sejm, and in late November or December prezydenta.Z signed by the student's point of view, it is of little importance. Next goes to the same vocational school, which is a little different nazywa.Nowa name is encouraged. Today, the most important industry in school is to convince kids to back to the school began to walk.

Today, more than 50 percent. students choosing technical schools and industry. Read more on home education agreed to wait even half a year. This is the result of educational reform is a fixed percentage. There is no trend yet wzrostowej.Chcemy to students choosing this type of schools was more. It would be good to about two-thirds of the students were in education and industry technicznym.Wśród vocational school graduates unemployment reaches 40 per cent., And technicians – 30 percent. You want to encourage students to become unemployed? They are unemployed because they do not have the power and skills after school.

It's a waste of money, because later graduates go on a course, or for which they pay themselves, or are unspecified projects office work. It's absurd and it must change. We want to have specific permissions graduate after finishing school. For example, with the transport industry we have determined that the student, finishing high school, will be prepared to obtain a driving license category C. The transport sector will support these solutions. We want to encourage schools to develop and run courses for which there is demand in the labor market.

Already, otherwise we pay a subsidy for mechatronics, and otherwise at the hairdresser. For now, we have four groups of occupations, since 2019. We want to go further and take into account what the project kolejne.A career advice? Counselors are already, but it is still too few. We're working on it. Until now it was so, that in the absence advisors school principals have to allow it to perform the tasks other teacher counselor. At the moment we are some projects in which we train counselors.

At the same time we are preparing a draft regulation on career-guidance at the stage of preschool, professional orientation classes I to VI and professional counseling in the VII and VIII klasie.Będzie you have children in kindergarten to share the ones that will go to vocational school and other schools? In kindergarten educators will be invite parents to the children talked about their profession. Baker or engineer with local companies will invite children to their jobs, to show how their daily work, what exactly occupy. This operating model around the world, we want to promote good practice. Read more Zalewska strikes in protest of the PNA: But teachers will receive a total of thousand increase What does it mean that a school is a small company?

We want to make the school as flexible, so that she could pay for itself, so that the student could have her teach in how to function in a real company, pracy.Samorządowcy place is theoretically almost ucieszą.Teraz is a possibility that such school. rents premises. But the government can take her money. Except that.

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